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Where to eat in Kharkov

When I first arrived in London as a student, I just dropped my luggage at the hostel and went straight outside to look for a place to eat. As it would turn out, this was to become my daily routine throughout my stay. Though I cooked at home from time to time, I felt that it took up too much time, so usually, I would eat out at least once per day.

At first, I used Trip Advisor or Foursquare, but I soon discovered that the ratings on these sites are not always so true-to-life. In contrast, the places recommended by locals or by students who had been around for a while could usually be relied upon to offer both nice food and
democratic prices (a combination not easily found in London!). When you go abroad as a tourist you can afford to head for the hotspots and not worry about the bill you’re racking up — after all, you’ll be back home before long. But when you’re a student, you need to plan your budget rather more carefully.

Today is about Kharkov.

Most of the universities are located in the central part of the city. I’ve asked my local friends to help me in creating a list of nice cafés at which you can eat a meal or just grab something quick. I hope will be useful for any visitor to Kharkov, and especially for freshers.

* DeGusto (italian)                                                                                                                         *Шоти / Shoti
* Sushiya (chain of japaneese restaurants, one of them is right near KNMU)                  *Farsch
* Bella pizza (in front of KNMU)                                                                                                  *Trattoria
* Городское кафе 1654 (http://1654.com.ua/contact/)                                                        * Montana
* Maranello (chain of pizzerias)                                                                                                   *Le Gran
* Бисквит (regular Ukrainian cafe | Danilevskogo 10)                                                            *7 burgers
* Trattoria (Kulturi 22-b)
* Пузата Хата (Ukrainian fast-food)
* Freshline (sandwich-bars)

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