Agribusiness is one of the most promising industries in Ukraine along with IT. Upon this services of translators in the agricultural industry – one of the most popular areas of translation.

Ukraine is a leader in the production of sunflower oil. During the year, the country produced 6.4 million tons of product – 35% of world volume. Other figures are no less impressive: in 2018, 62 million tons of grain crops were grown on Ukrainian soil, 18.5 million tons of corn were exported, and 108 thousand tons of nuts were harvested. Just imagine the volumes! If it crossed somebodies mind to load all the export corn into grain cars, they would need a train with a length of 3.7 thousand km. In addition, there are enough nuts to make 540 million of Kyiv cakes!

Every third dollar received by Ukraine comes from agriculture. According to Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine for Issues of European Integration, agribusiness keeps developing. From January to October 2018, the foreign trade turnover of agricultural products reached $ 19.2 billion, which is 5% more than in 2017.

According to expert opinions, agrarian industry will soon become the key field in the Ukrainian economy. Therefore, it is important for industrial enterprises not only to develop production, but also to establish communication with foreign partners.

Why agribusiness needs translations

The economic situation, both in Ukraine and around the world, is constantly changing. Therefore, technical translation becomes especially important for agricultural enterprises aiming to conquer the world markets. Every company strives for success, profit and prosperity. To realize this, it is important to establish communication with foreign partners and customers. The tool of such communication is a language understandable for the other party. Therefore, in order to convey your message to the target audience all over the world, it is necessary to translate documents into the target language.

Specificity of agricultural translations

The agricultural is one of our favorite directions in translations. Agenda Translations has been localizing presentations on turnkey basis for several years.  For example, presentations in English, German, Spanish, Polish and Czech for List-Forte, a company developing and manufacturing humic and chelate fertilizers for foliar fertilization of plants.

Agricultural translation of documents is a highly specialized and responsible profile. To avoid mistakes and misunderstandings, we pay special attention to the following aspects:

specialization of the translator. For each project we select a team of experts in the field: project manager, translator and editor. In addition, we understand the importance of translation accuracy, so we involve a separate team of performers with niche expertise to work on the texts of agreements, contracts and other legal documentation;

– translation and layout of presentations. Presentation is the first thing a potential customer sees. Misrepresentation of products or the company itself is a big harm for the business. Therefore, it is important to use the correct terminology, adhere to the given style, keep the form. Agenda Translations will handle each of these tasks;

video presentations. The agricultural translation of video presentations into English is no less important for business. We offer two options: dubbing or subtitling into the target language. The price of voice-over is higher, but one should understand that it attracts and holds the attention of viewers.

agricultural translation of sites on turnkey basis. Comprehensive translation of sites is the most convenient option for the client. Our specialists will help to solve all the related tasks, from the localization of images to the placement of ready-made materials on the web resource.

There are no small things for us. We are meticulous about every detail, but there is no other way to perform a quality translation and cope with the client’s tasks.