Gaming translation services

We translate the text for computer software, games, and online applications into foreign languages.
In addition to string resources translation, we will translate the help system, marketing texts and website. If necessary, we can dub video and rewrite texts into the target language.

A full cycle of game localisation includes:

  • Localisation of the interface strings, graphics;
  • Localisation of game installer;
  • Testing;
  • Localisation of related game websites.
  • Translation of the dialogue and score;
  • Assemble a localized build;
  • Translation and layout of printed materials;


  1. Your request is received and a suitable coordinating manager is appointed for the project
  2. We process the request and analyze the specific requirements, keeping you abreast of the options available
  3. We give you an estimate of the costs involved and work out the logistics of delivering you the finished product
  4. The client confirms the order and makes an advance payment
  5. We start working on the project and deliver the finished order to the customer

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Замовити локалізацію ігор

The gaming industry is advancing rapidly. Games are now everywhere: on laptops, smartphones, tablets. However, any product needs localization in order to compete confidently in the market, to be convenient and interesting for the user. Localization of games is a cultural, technical and legal adaptation that takes into account the target audience particularity in the specific country.

Levels of Computer Games Localization

“Conventional localization” – the most superficial. If the game appears on physical media, the text on the package will be translated. If is launched on the online platform – description and screenshots.

The economic localization of computer games involves the translation of the interface, hints and help pages. Broadly speaking, the user will press the “Play” button in his native language, but the plot will unwrap in the original language.

Textual localization. In this case, the entire text is translated, starting with the interface and up to the subtitles: the gamer will hear a foreign language, but will be able to read all the required information.

Translation of games with voice-over is also available. In such a case, experts localize all words and conversations.

Graphic localization – presupposes that any text inside – plaques, magazines, graffiti, ads – will be translated. Complete – deep adaptation to the culture and mindset of other country inhabitants.

How is localization unfolding?

You can order translation of the website, localization of computer games of any complexity, news, press releases, advertising texts or other related materials at Agenda Translations.

At the beginning of the work, the specialists will determine the project features. For example, the British or American version of English, addressing the player as “you” or “you-all”, chevrons or straight quotes, as well as other details.

Then a linguist, followed by the editor proofreading, will translate the game into a foreign language. The next step is graphics localization and changing the visual elements if necessary.

After all this, there will be translation and videos voice-over. To do this, we select professional actors and voice talents whose voices are suitable for the characters.

Testing is the next step, in the process of which the shortcomings in audio and video materials are corrected.

Agenda Translations team offers a full range of game, program and software translation services. It is important for us that the player understands each word correctly, and therefore we work only with professional translators and native speakers being experts in the field.


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