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Technical, IT translation is one of the most specialized, and should only be performed by true professionals. At Agenda Translations technical documentation translation is performed by specialists with degrees and experience in narrow technical fields. A large team of specialists and streamlined translation process allows you to be confident in the high quality of the result.

We translate:

  • Guides/instructions;
  • Technical requirements and standards;
  • Registration certificate;
  • Project documentation;
  • Standards;
  • Manuals;
  • Technical specifications;
  • Patents;
  • Drawings/drafts;


  1. Your request is received and a suitable coordinating manager is appointed for the project
  2. We process the request and analyze the specific requirements, keeping you abreast of the options available
  3. We give you an estimate of the costs involved and work out the logistics of delivering you the finished product
  4. The client confirms the order and makes an advance payment
  5. We start working on the project and deliver the finished order to the customer

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Technical, IT translations

Technical translations – translations of texts in the fields of applied sciences, IT-technologies, machine building, engineering, chemical and metallurgical industries, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and many others. These include equipment operating instructions, quality certificates, engineering plans and drawings, computer programs, patent documentation.

There are several types of technical translations, as follows:

  • full written (most common option);
  • abstract (used in the process of working with technical literature, in particular that intended for journal publication);
  • annotative (also required in the process of working with literature);
  • translation of headings.

Most often, technical documentation requires a full translation. This provides a complete qualitative linguistic decoding of the original material.

Translating technical texts requires a clear correspondence to the formal-logical style; maximum accuracy in conveying meaning; laconicism; and maintaining the logic of information presented. Materials abound with special terms and abbreviations and may contain graphs, diagrams, drawings.

A specialist who works with such projects should, firstly, be a high-class linguist, secondly, have special knowledge in a particular field, and thirdly, be able to analyze and conduct their own research into specialist lexicon used.

Only if equipped with these skills can the translator convey correctly the text meaning. Otherwise, inaccuracies and semantic errors will arise, which is unacceptable for technical texts. After all, a small mistake in the engineering documentation can cause improper installation or operation of equipment. In the least case, equipment will not operate correctly. At worst, a linguistic error may cause a tragedy at work. It is worth remembering, in EU countries the installation and operation manual of a piece of equipment has the status of legal documentation under the Work Equipment Directive.

That is why only experienced linguists and editors with specialized education should be involved in working with highly specialized texts. It follows, you should contact a specialist technical translation agency for such a service.

Translation of Technical Documentation

Agenda Translations online agency specializes in working with technical texts. The company provides professional translation services into all European and Eastern languages of the documents, as follows:

  • manuals for installation and repair of equipment;
  • quality control sheets;
  • manuals for equipment operation;
  • technical passports;
  • patent and tender documentation;
  • design specifications and estimates;
  • drawings;
  • tables and graphs;
  • specifications;
  • background reports;
  • technical requirements;
  • sites and computer programs;
  • Mandatory standards compliance statements.

For each individual order, depending on its specifics and deadlines, the agency forms a separate team of performers. Such a team includes linguists, editors with specialized education, and experts in relevant areas of business and science: information technology, industry, metallurgy, energetics, machine-tool manufacture, electronics, radio engineering and many others.

The company appreciates customers and values its reputation, so in Agenda Translations all texts undergo several stages of verification. The translator (or team of translators), a proof-reader, an editor and, if necessary, a specialized expert, work over the material. Such a comprehensive check eliminates any possibility of erroneous wording or distortion of the text meaning, or incorrect interpretation of special terms and abbreviations.

All-in-One Language Task Solution

Many special terms, the list of which is expanding every day, have arisen during the development of science and technology. Moreover, the terminology used by different companies, even within the same field, may differ. This poses additional tasks for the translator: he or she must be able to navigate market trends and marketing strategies, and approach the project holistically.

This is the very approach used by Agenda Translations. Clients of the company receive not only texts translated into a foreign language, but a comprehensive solution for all assigned tasks.

In the process of working with technical documentation, for example, when translating equipment installation manuals, agency specialists pay attention not only to the textual elements of the document, but also to numerous diagrams, graphs and drawings. Each of these elements is decrypted, localized and executed according to the requirements of a particular country. When it is necessary to change the format of graphic objects, the company provides a professional document layout service using AutoCad, InDesign, Corel and others.

Translation and language localization of web resources is carried out taking into consideration the marketing strategy and features of SEO optimization. Thus, the client receives a high-quality, operative project, which could occupy high positions in popular search engines.

The agency also provides services of urgent translation of technical texts. In this case, several translators work on the project at once and a single glossary is maintained. At the end of the work, all parts of the text are brought together, read by the editor and, if necessary, specialized experts.

Technical Translations from English

Nowadays, English performs as “lingua franca”, the language of international communication. This is especially true for the scientific and technical environment. The major proportion of scientific books, design documentation and descriptions of new technologies and equipment are published in English .

Companies that use foreign programs and pilot projects simply cannot perform without technical translation services. Conversely, for the export of domestic products and projects to other countries, it is necessary to translate the documentation from Russian into English.

Technical English differs significantly from Russian and Ukrainian languages principally in respect of grammar. For example, in the English language a large number of participial and gerundial collocations are used, as well as well-established grammatical constructions. Incorrect sentence structure can completely invert the intended meaning. In this regard, careful study of the text by the translator and its adaptation to the grammatical features of the Russian language are of necessity.

The translator’s work with English terminology is especially difficult and painstaking. Several options are possible in this case:

  • using the transliteration method: antenna – антенна;
  • choice of the Russian equivalent: hydrogen – водород;
  • Tracking the intended meaning: superpower system – сверхмощная система.

In situations where none of the above options is suitable, a linguist can use a descriptive method for the most accurate translation of the English term: “wall beam” = “a beam located along a transverse wall”.

You can always rely on employees of the Agenda Translations online agency to take into account all the grammatical, stylistic and lexicographic features of technical English. They are knowledgeable about the subject of translation. The same points are equally scrutinized by specialists in the process of translation of technical texts from Russian /Ukrainian into English.

It should also be noted that in recent years, the service of language decoding and localization of Chinese scientific and technical texts has enjoyed increasing popularity. This can be explained by the rapid development of science and technology in China, and strengthening of economic relations between the countries.

Cost of Technical Text Translation

The cost of technical translation services depends on the following factors:

  • volume (number of pages, words or characters);
  • language pair (work with Oriental languages is more expensive);
  • the number of specialists who participate in the work;
  • completion time (margin for urgency may exceed 50%);
  • the need for professional layout and design;
  • any other wishes of the client.

The final proofreading of the text is included in the price.

In order to accurately calculate the total cost of the service, you may contact Agenda Translations managers in any convenient way: via e-mail, by phone or by filling out a special form on the website.

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