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Medical and Dental translation demands not only accuracy but also an up-to-date knowledge of the field.
Like you, we don’t like to take chances. That’s why we only use highly qualified medical, dental and pharmaceutical translators!

We translate:

  • Medical books and scientific articles;
  • Pharmaceutical research, reports, and training manuals;
  • Medical packaging & labeling;
  • Websites & Multimedia;
  • Patient records, information leaflets, consent forms;
  • Clinical trials and laboratory reports;
  • Medical manuals and guides;
  • Regulatory documents;


  1. Your request is received and a suitable coordinating manager is appointed for the project
  2. We process the request and analyze the specific requirements, keeping you abreast of the options available
  3. We give you an estimate of the costs involved and work out the logistics of delivering you the finished product
  4. The client confirms the order and makes an advance payment
  5. We start working on the project and deliver the finished order to the customer

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Медичний переклад

Precise wording characterises medical texts. There must be no ambiguity. In some cases the things most important for a client – health and life itself – depend on the accuracy of their interpretation. Such texts are emotionally neutral, full of special terms, and a large number of abbreviations. Selection of a competent, specialist medical translation agency can be, quite literally, vital.

Translation of Medical Documents

Translation of medical documents is a complex and absolutely critical activity, presenting a number of requirements for the contractor. Obligatory competencies in the translator are not only a high level knowledge of a foreign language, but also in-depth knowledge within a specific field of medicine. An even better attribute is medical experience at the disposal of the translation company.

The specialist must be knowledgeable in the international Greek-Latin terminology used in medicine. He or she be able to analyze the facts and carry out necessary research into precise medical meanings. The latter is especially relevant in connection with the rapid development of pharmaceuticals, and the emergence of many new drugs.

The most popular professional medical translations:

  • references and opinions;
  • patient records;
  • diagnostic results;
  • manuals for medical equipment;
  • instructions for medical drugs;
  • scientific literature, articles for medical publications;
  • medical drug test reports.

Translation of technical texts related to medicine is necessary for both legal entities and individuals. This kind of service is requested by pharmaceutical companies, companies manufacturing and selling specialized diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and many others. Language decoding of test results, patient records or expert opinions is necessary when treating patients in foreign clinics. Practitioners and scientists ask for translations of specialized literature, medical articles and publications.

Medical Translations from/into German

German medicine is famous for its diagnostic accuracy, high treatment effectiveness and quality of services. Their specialists are innovators in the field of neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology, oncology – they even carry out unique spinal cord transplant operations.

It is not surprising that many patients choosing treatment or diagnostic in European clinics go to Germany. Correspondingly they have to translate documents into German, and only experienced linguists who can easily find German equivalents to Russian or Ukrainian terms will be able to provide them with high-quality service. Only such experts can accurately provide patient history, the results of past examinations and medical assessments.

Medical translations from/into Hebrew

Israel is famous for the quality of its medical care along with attractive cost of medical services. In the treatment of oncological, cardiological, urological and neurological diseases, Israeli specialists have made a real breakthrough over the past 20 years. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world resort to the assistance of Israeli doctors every year.

Although some Israeli clinics will allow drafting of medical documents for foreign patients in English, the vast majority of medical institutions require translation of documents into the official language of Israel. Therefore, translations into Hebrew and from Hebrew are extremely popular.

However, this ancient language – with its square writing and many abbreviations – is one of the most difficult for decoding. It requires the highest level expertise in the linguist, especially when it comes to medical texts. Basic medical knowledge and knowledge of English language, the medical terminology from which penetrates into Hebrew as well as into other languages, are vital when translating medical texts.

Medical Translation from/into English

Pharmaceutical companies presentimg their product developments abroad, medical practitioners and scientists all need to translate their materials into English for product approval or publication in scientific journals. Patients who receive medical care abroad are in a similar situation as is the case with German language.

Translation of medical documents into English is painstaking and difficult work. Some terms and special abbreviations do not have absolute analogues in the English language. To impart such constructions accurately, the translator must have a specialized medical education or seek advice from a medical practitioner. Only when the specific meaning is understood can the correct phrasing be chosen.

Translation of Medical References and Assessments

Traditionally, assessments and references are drawn up on special forms where the doctor fills in the necessary columns with the patient’s data and his diagnosis. The text in such forms can be printed or entered by a doctor manually. The latter significantly complicates and slows down the work of the translator, as penscript understanding can be extremely problematic.

Translating medical assessments and patient records is necessary for people after undergoing treatment abroad, or prior to departure. In cases where a patient needs urgent treatment, a holdup with paperwork can cost him health and even life. In such situations, an express translation is necessary.

Particularities of Analyses Translations

Very often description of medical analyses and the results of various instrumental examinations require urgency as well as accuracy. Such documents are necessary for making or clarifying the diagnosi and prescribing treatment.

At the Agenda Translations agency you can order express translation of references, analyses and assessments as well as any other medical documentation. The company has a control of every detail and guarantees the quality of work, regardless of the timing of its implementation.

Translations of Medical Texts

Translations of medical texts can be divided into:

  • Practical – covering the results of examinations by practicing physicians;
  • Theoretical – work on theoretical medicine, monographs, theses;
  • Pharmaceutical – covering information about the properties and testing of certain medical drugs.

These types of texts have their own characteristics and significant stylistic differences, which requires a wide-ranging erudition and flexibility of thought from the translator. So, for example, when working with instructions for medicines, a specialist must not only correctly convey all the terms and decode all the abbreviations, but also correctly compare the metric with English (imperial) systems of measures.

And when working with works by scientists, and articles by practicing physicians in specialized areas, it is extremely important to adhere to the rules and canons of a certain style (scientific or scientific-journalistic).

It is also worth mentioning the importance of proper execution of documents, since the requirements for paperwork may vary significantly from country to country.

Medical Translations by Agenda Translations Agency

Translations made by Agenda Translations experts guarantee high quality of texts, meeting deadlines and clear compliance with all design standards. The agency cares about the comfort of customers and values its reputation.

Agenda Translations provides translation services of the following documents into any European languages:

  • epicrisis by any practitioner;
  • referencies, extracts, patient records;
  • results of laboratory analyses;
  • results of clinical trials;
  • scientific literature (including theses, monographs, articles);
  • educational and professional literature;
  • study guides and reference books;
  • pharmaceutical documentation;
  • patent documentation;
  • instructions and manuals for operation of equipment.

Work with medical texts in Agenda Translations is performed only by single-skilled linguists. Finished materials undergo rigorous editing and proofreading, which completely eliminates any possibility of erroneous wordings and versions.

The agency also translates, subtitles and dubs video materials, including lectures, scientific conferences, forums and panel discussions.

For each order, depending on its specifics, Agenda Translations forms a team of players, which in addition to medical translators and editors can include practicing doctors – native speakers, marketing professionals, SEO-optimization specialists, sound engineers, notaries and any other experts on the subject. Such an approach ensures achievement of goals and full satisfaction of all customer requests.

Why Agenda Translations?

  1. The agency takes into account all the wishes of its customers;
  2. The agency always complies with the agreed deadlines and guarantees the quality of the completed order;
  3. At the request of the client, Agenda Translations employees carry out express translations in the shortest possible time;
  4. The company works with each client individually and chooses the experts as carefully as possible for a specific order.
  5. The agency guarantees a narrow specialization of texts by means of cooperation with representatives of various sectors of health, veterinary medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Agenda Translations employees use not only special guides and dictionaries, but also constantly updated international online databases.
  7. Information provided by customers is protected from disclosure: the company operates through an NDA signing.
  8. The client can enter into a long-term agreement with the agency. This could fix prices for all orders for a year.

How to Calculate the Cost of a Medical Translation?

The price of a service is determined by the following factors:

  • type of document;
  • format and quality of the source material (printed or handwritten text, its readability);
  • volume;
  • completion time (urgent translations are more expensive)
  • language pair;
  • necessity of layout or design on special forms;
  • other wishes of the client.

Whatever the context or subject of a professional translation by Agenda Translations Agency, it will be subject to basic proofreading during quality control. Detailed editing is an option for our clients: we recommend that they integrate this service at the time of ordering a translation.

Agenda Translations managers will help you to calculate the cost of translation accurately. Contact us in any convenient way: via e-mail, by phone or by filling out a special form on our web-site to get a free estimate.

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