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Legal translation services

Our translators of legal documents are skilled professionals who work exclusively with this subject. The translation provided is not only an accurate interpretation of the translated document but also complies with all necessary requirements, which differ depending on the country of writing.

We assist in translating such documents as:

  • Agreements and contracts;
  • Laws and regulations;
  • powers of attorney, certificates, applications;
  • Legal opinions and memoranda;
  • The articles of Association and other corporate documents of legal entities;
  • Licenses, applications, patent documentation;
  • Special legal literature;
  • Affidavit, etc.


  1. Your request is received and a suitable coordinating manager is appointed for the project
  2. We process the request and analyze the specific requirements, keeping you abreast of the options available
  3. We give you an estimate of the costs involved and work out the logistics of delivering you the finished product
  4. The client confirms the order and makes an advance payment
  5. We start working on the project and deliver the finished order to the customer

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Legal Translations

Legal documents translation is one of the most frequently requested types of translation service. The popularity of this service can be explained by the rapid development of business, international relations, and affiliate programs. The only reliable way to formalize such relations is to define them in a special document (contract, agreement, regulatory act, etc.). Accurate language translationis necessary for complete understanding and accurate implementation by both parties.

Particularities of Legal Documents Translation

Work with legal documents requires extreme accuracy and clarity of meaning and expression. The wording must not present any scope for misunderstanding or ambiguity, while an insignificant mistake or inaccuracy can cause litigation or major financial loss. Moreover, legal texts are full of special terms, hackneyed phrases, expressions of specific legal meaning and cliches. These may vary significantly in meaning to different countries, or have no analogues at all. Despite the fact that dictionaries, glossaries and databases are constantly updated, they cannot impart all language changes correctly and timeously, neither they can take into account the legal code, cultural characteristics and political trends of a foreign state.

That is why only a professional translator with a higher legal education or a linguist with a deep knowledge of law can qualitatively translate a legal text. Such a specialist is knowledgeable in the cultural characteristics of the country where the document was drafted, he or she understands the nuances of its legislation, and also knows how to adapt highly specialized materials and arrange them in accordance with international requirements. This is why selection of an experienced legal translation agency is so important.

Translations from English into Russian / Ukrainian

Translation of legal texts from English into Russian (or Ukrainian) and from Russian into English is one of the most popular agency services. This is explained by the fact that English is the language of international business communication, and is spoken by more than a billion people in the world.

International agreements are commonly concluded in English; in the English language memoranda, business contracts, and agreements are signed. It is very important that the translator who is to work with such texts should be fluent in “legal” English or legalese. They must understand archaic constructions with specific meaning at law, and common legal cliches. Otherwise, the final document will contain many inaccuracies or even false wordings. These can entail unpleasant consequences should the document be tested under law.

Translations into English

The need totranslate legal documentationinto English has also intensified. In this contex the “legalese” is a necessity. This special kind of English language eliminates errors in the interpretation of phrases. It eliminates ambiguity, and it does not allow loopholes that are possible when using the common language.

Also, when working with documents of a legal nature it is mandatory to follow the form strictly, and keep to established sequence of submission of the material.

Translations of Legal Documents

The specialists of Agenda Translations online translation agency work with all types of documents. These can include:

  • laws, draft laws;
  • court decisions;
  • constituent and procedural documents;
  • conclusions;
  • notarial certificates;
  • extracts from trade registers;
  • agreements, and other documents.

Very often it is obligatory for legal entities whose work is related to foreign economic activity (when opening new representative offices in other states or concluding agreements for instance) to translate their documents. For such papers notarization may be required. Agenda Translations also provides this service.

Individuals, too, may need to translate certain documents. This is particularly true for people who work abroad and apply for permits to travel or work, and for participants in legal proceedings in another country.

If the client needs to translate his/her papers in a short time, an urgent translation can be ordered. In this situation, the managers of the online agency split the order between several translators and maintain a single glossary. At the end of the work, all parts of the text are brought together, copyread and checked by the editor and, if necessary, by a legal adviser.

Agenda’s Advantages for Legal Translations

Agenda Translations is an online translation companythat collaborates with the best translators from around the world. Agenda Translations uses only trusted, specifically-skilled experts and linguists. The agency cares about the convenience of customers and values its reputation. At the end, the client always receives a high-quality order fulfilled on time.

How Agenda Translations Operates:

  • We take an individual approach to each client, and a carefully selected team of translators. This ensures a unified style of all content and saves time on editing;
  • Full confidentiality with the conclusion of a NDA: the agency guarantees security of all the materials;
  • Possibility of long-term cooperation: the agency provides the opportunity to conclude a single contract for a year with fixed prices for all orders;
  • The use of niche glossaries guarantees quality and narrow specialization of materials, and the accurate use of legal terms, clichés and abbreviations;
  • Unacceptability of machine translation: bureau employees use only manual translations by qualified linguists;
  • Involvement of native speakers: texts, if necessary, shall be adapted by a native speaker;
  • Complexity: clients can get help from lawyers, notaries, legalization or visa specialists. This allows you to solve any problems quickly and effectively in one place;
  • Responsibility: agency specialists guarantee adherence to established terms of work and a high quality of execution.

Benefits for Our Clients:

  • convenient service;
  • consistent quality of work;
  • comprehensive solution of any business language needs.

Clients of Agenda Translations receive not only a competently translated text into a foreign language, but a comprehensive solution to a specific problem: for instance a valid notarized document, entry permission for a foreign country, an agreement drawn up in accordance with international requirements.

What determines the cost of translation of legal documents?

The cost of our specialists services depends on the following factors:

  • volume of text (number of pages, words or characters);
  • completion time (margin for urgency may exceed 50%);
  • language pair (for example, working with oriental languages is more expensive than with European);
  • quality of the source document;
  • necessity of notary certification, legalization;
  • the need for professional layout;
  • personal wishes of the client.

At the same time, the final editing and proofreading of the text are already covered by the price.

In order to accurately calculate the total cost of the service, please, contact Agenda managers in any convenient way: via e-mail, by phone or by filling out a special form on the website.




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