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A translation process for restaurants & hotels

Able translators and native proofreaders with longstanding experience in the hospitality industry will work on your project. We make sure that the content is immaculate, precise and comprehensible, so your guests have nothing but the best experience.
We translate:

  • Menu;
  • Instructions to equipment;
  • Веб-сайт;
  • Bar/cocktail card;
  • Any other documents;
  • Будь-які інші документи.


  1. An initial conversation takes place between one of our project managers and the owner or director of the restaurant
  2. The client makes an advance payment, we make a specific research and suggest initial translation
  3. Work through the initial translation with key figures of the restaurant and make corrections
  4. We develop finalized translation according to latest notes
  5. The finalized target-language literature is delivered to the restaurant

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Translations for Restaurant & Hospitality Businesses

Gastronomic tourism has become particularly popular in recent years. Travel companies create special programmes and tours that help visitors to understand better not only the culture, but also the cuisine of a specific country. In the literal sense of the word, the participants can “taste” life in a particular region.

The development of international tourism and strengthening of economic relations between countries poses additional linguistic tasks in the field of public catering. The place should be welcoming, comfortable and cozy for every guest, regardless of their nationality and citizenship. All visitors to a restaurant or hotel should get the chance to read the main menu, wine or bar cards in a language they comprehend – and understand the ingredients and cooking method of the dishes on offer.

At this point the need for professional translations for the hospitality business, primarily into the language of international communication – English – arises. Translation of restaurant-related documents is also requested by companies which plan to open a network of facilities abroad, or which are engaged in the production or sale of equipment and machinery for the service industry.

Particularities of Menu Translation for Restaurants

Availability of an attractive menu for foreign guests in the location is of great importance: the linguistic quality of this menu is no less important. Errors, incorrect detailed explanation of dishes, their names or their ingredients can cause awkward or even conflictual situations and will negatively affect the image and rating of the institution.

How to make a high-quality translation of the menu from Russian into English? Seek help from a specialized agency! The fact is that restaurant texts are very specific. They require a special approach and skills that, most likely, are missing for non-experts. Only experienced translators who are well acquainted with the restaurant business, who have specialist glossaries and cookbooks from around the world, should work with such projects.

The translator must keep the sequence of sections and positions in the menu, as well as maintain the house-style. Moreover, depending on the character of the institution, the style of the texts will differ significantly.

When translating pieces of text designed to have appeal to customers, the expert should take into consideration the features of the overall advertising style. This will ensure a pleasant and memorable greeting, and contribute to the completeness of customer experiences.

The specialist should be able to make descriptions of dishes and their ingredients as clear as possible – but appetizing and mouth-watering as well –  for foreign guests. This is especially true if the name is fanciful and figuratively weighty: for example, desserts entitled “Paradise pleasure”, “Faberge”, “Kolobok”. The guests will want some understanding of what to expect before they select.

Even more important is the description of famous dishes of national cuisine, which have no analogues in other cultures. For example, the names “borshch”, “draniki”, “vareniki”, “okroshka” should not be translated at all, but delivered in accordance with the rules of transliteration, and for foreign guests they will seem like a meaningless set of symbols. To tempt restaurant clients to make an order, they should see a concise, comprehensive description of the dish, its ingredients and its cooking methods. Above all, it takes particular skill to portray mouth-watering aromas and flavours in a few words!

Translations for Restaurant Businesses from Agenda Translations

Agenda Translations online agency provides professional translation services, and localization by a native speaker of bar, cocktail, and food menus for the restaurants of European and Eastern cuisine.

Agency experts also carry out professional translation of web resources for cafes, bars and restaurants (taking into account the marketing strategy and website promotion), and work with such documents as:

  • accompanying papers required for export and import of food products;
  • manuals for catering equipment;
  • descriptions of technical processes;
  • statutory documentation.

5 Steps on the Way to Successful Translation for Restaurant  and Hospitality Businesses

While working with projects for the restaurant business, the company uses its own, specially developed action algorithm, consisting of 5 main steps.

Step 1. Discussion of the project. Agenda Translations managers and representatives of the institution clearly specify the goals and objectives of the project, agree on all the nuances of work, agree on payment and deadlines.

Step 2. Performing a draft translation. Linguists of the company work with the original package of documents. Translators pay special attention to culinary terms, names of dishes, and thematic style features of a particular location.

Step 3. Consultation and amendments. The team of translators makes all the necessary changes and discusses the draft version of the texts with restaurant representatives (including the head of the location and the chef). If necessary, other specialists are also involved in work on the project: marketers, lawyers, designers.

Step 4. At this stage, the translators modify the texts taking into account all the comments and recommendations received at the consultation. Materials undergo final editing and proofreading by native speakers.

Step 5. Transfer of materials. The company provides the restaurant with a brilliantly completed project – a comprehensive solution to specific language problems.

This approach eliminates any disagreements between the agency and clients, significantly reduces the time of work and guarantees the quality of texts and the project as a whole.

Cost of Translations for Restaurants

The cost of translating the menu and other texts for the restaurant business depends on the following factors:

  • volume (number of pages, words or characters);
  • lead time;
  • language pair (translations into eastern languages cost more);
  • request for layout, design;
  • any additional services requested by the client.

Final proofreading and editing of materials are included in the price.

Find out the exact cost of your translation in any convenient way:

  •  contact the company managers by phone;
  • ask a question by e-mail;
  • fill in the special form on the website.
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