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Website translation service

We deliver high quality Ecommerce content in any language.
Our human translation increases traffic and conversion rates.

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  1. Your request is received and a suitable coordinating manager is appointed for the project
  2. We process the request and analyze the specific requirements, keeping you abreast of the options available
  3. We give you an estimate of the costs involved and work out the logistics of delivering you the finished product
  4. The client confirms the order and makes an advance payment
  5. We start working on the project and deliver the finished order to the customer

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Замовити переклад сайтів

Business entry into foreign markets, and its subsequent expansion, is impossible without the creation of high-quality foreign-language versions of the web resource – the most important tool for prospecting and converting customers into buyers. Translation of the website and its localization, which is to say adaptation to the regional characteristics of a country, help to make the offered product or service more familiar and understandable to prospective customers. This helps to convince them to make a purchase. According to research, the work of website localization services can double conversion rate. In addition, work with web resources is carried out taking into consideration their subsequent promotion: it includes internal content optimization.

Thus, competent localization involves translating a web resource into a foreign language with an orientation to a specific target audience and certain search engines. This approach facilitates the promotion of the resource and guarantees the successful development of new markets for the client. This is precisely the approach used by the online agency Agenda Translations. Order a website translation service into any European or Oriental language at Agenda Translations and increase your company’s sales with minimal advertising costs! The company’s specialists perform content translation and localization of all sorts and types of resources; layout of presentations; adaptation of graphic materials; materials publication by a content manager.

How Agenda Translations Operates?

Agenda Translations Agency works exclusively with professional translators who specialize in Internet projects. Such specialists have been engaged in the localization of web resources for many years. They understand perfectly the principles of resource ranking and promotion. For each project, company managers select a separate team of performers, which in addition to translators and editors, may include SEO experts, marketers, designers and content managers. In order to make text content as familiar as possible to the consumer, all the materials will always be proof-read by a native speaker.

The company uses an integrated approach to working with web resources. In addition to translating the visible text elements (descriptions and product cards, feedback buttons, About the Company section, etc.), Agenda Translations’ specialists pay special attention to page meta tags (title and description), balloon tips and site navigation. All these nuances are extremely important for high search-ranking of a resource and its rapid promotion. The company’s specialists also perform the adaptation of graphic elements and banners. PR managers and marketers are involved to work with the slogans. At the request of the client, all translated and localized materials are published on the website by a professional content manager. As a result, the client receives an exceptionally high-quality functioning product that will help to increase audience loyalty and complete many profitable transactions.

Website Translation into English

According to statistics, users in 60 countries across the world prefer English-language web resources. Therefore, when a business enters foreign markets, website translation into English is essential. In other words, it is more than localization – it is globalization. This solution allows you to expand your customer base significantly, and to find new international partners and investors. The preferred option is globalization of the resource, taking into consideration the strategy of its promotion. This service is professionally provided by Agenda Translations. In the process of web resource globalization, agency staff take into account the linguistic and cultural peculiarities of material presentation in an international format; usability standards; the behavioral characteristics of a specific target audience and, of course, the requirements of search engine optimization for an English-language resource.

In the process of website localization and translation into English, it is obligatory to collect the semantic core (based on the Russian-language version), then develop a new, adapted structure and navigation. Only after that is it possible to translate content, create SEO texts and fill in meta tags. An English-language resource can be placed on one domain with the original resource, or on a new international domain. At the client’s request, Agenda Translations specialists can help with content publishing and customization of all the components. Testing the resource, debugging and fixing possible errors takes place at the final stage of the work.

Website Translation into Ukrainian

Translation of websites into the state language is mandatory for all companies operating in Ukraine. Such a decision is dictated, firstly, by a decree of Ukraine’s government and secondly, by the strategy of resource promotion. SEO optimization experts and SMM marketers declare that promotion of Ukrainian websites is easier and faster than similar Russian-language resources. This can be explained by the fact that in most niches, competition among Ukrainian queries is much lower than among  Russian ones. In some niches, translation into Ukrainian allows you to double the conversion – provided, of course, that the work is performed correctly.

The transition of web resources into Ukrainian is carried out in one of two ways:

  • replacing Russian texts (as well as all elements of the resource) with Ukrainian versions;
  • installing the Ukrainian version as the main one, preserving the Russian-language version and ideally also an English-language version. This provides the possibility of choosing the optimal resource version by the particular user.

The second option is preferable, as it allows you to engage a larger target audience and so increase sales.

Agenda Translations’ specialists will perform translations of all formats of websites into the state language and localization of resources, to a high quality level and on time. In addition to text content translation, our specialists carry out the adaptation of graphic materials and usability elements, and work with meta tags and page URLs. Particular attention is paid to the information in the website header, footer, and elements of the user menu. The company collaborates with experienced translators with a deep knowledge of the language, and also brings in specialists in a particular industry to assist the work; all the texts undergo checking by editors and proofreaders. This approach eliminates the possibility of erroneous language and guarantees high quality content. Agenda Translations also provides urgent translation services; moreover, at the request of clients, it provides project maintenance and technical support.

Upon what Does the Cost of Website Translations Depend?

The following factors affect the cost of Internet resources translation:

  • scope of work;
  • language pair (work with oriental languages is more expensive than with European);
  • number of specialists who participate in the work;
  • need for content placement and technical support;
  • other requests of the client.

The final proofreading of the text is included in the price.

To find out the exact cost of the service, contact Agenda managers in any convenient way: via e-mail, by phone, or by filling out the special form on the website

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