Our approach

  • Cooperation


    Ensuring a comfortable and superlative customer experience is our absolute priority. We strive to be responsive, efficient and caring towards our clients, at all times

  • Expertise


    We route our clients’ queries and requests to trusted professionals, expertly chosen for their vast experience and unparalleled nous

  • Confidentiality


    We take the sanctity of our clients’ information very seriously. We ensure that all privileged information is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Team work

    Team work

    We take massive pride in our diverse team of skilled professionals, including experienced translators, editors, linguists and native users of the language

Translation agency

Agenda Translations is a modern and up-to-date translation agency which operates online worldwide, and also traditionally, with local clients.
Our mission is to help your business improve, penetrate new markets and erase all language barriers, thereby enabling your business to flourish freely in any language you need.

Since its founding, our translation services company, “Agenda Translations” covers all areas of translations for businesses with high quality translation services.
Right from the first day, we not only make sure that our clients receive high-quality professional translations on time, but also feel comfortable and secure at every stage of the process.
That is why we pay special attention to customer service, while constantly improving and expanding on the list of services provided, both online and offline.

At Agenda Translations, we offer:

1. Wrritten translations of any type or complexity.

  • You can order the translation of advertising or marketing materials – press releases, websites, podcasts, presentations, packages, catalogues and commercials.
  • Restaurant translation – menus, bar and cocktail cards, technical guides and manuals, cookbooks and other documents.
  • Literary (authorised) translations – Articles, books, memoirs and novels.
  • Business and Retail Translations – Business plans, product/service material, website or online store localisation and company documents.
  • IT and Technical Translations – Websites, instructions, Manuals, technical requirements and standards, drawings/rafts, patents, project documentation, registration certificates;
  • Gaming Localisation – interface strings, graphics, game installer layouts and other materials.
  • Medical Translation – Professional and Specialised scientific literature, articles, certificates, patient records, clinical trials, regulatory documents and guides.
  • Dental translation – Scientific articles, website content, dental books, price-lists , video materials, documents etc.
  • Legal Translation – Agreements, contracts, laws and regulatory power of attorney certificates, income certificates, affidavits etc
  • Personal document translation- Passports, power of attorney documents, income certificates, education certificates driving licenses , birth and marriage certificates.

2. Interpreter services – Spoken Interpreter services for your conferences, court sessions, meetings, presentations and workshops. We can also handle briefing and arranging tours for your foreign guests.

3. Dubbing and Subtitling – For dubbing, we choose professional voice actors whose timbre and voice match your characters’ and the video’s mood.

We provide high-quality subtitling for videos with duplicate or complementary captions.

4. All types of legalisation – apostillisation, notarisation and consular services

Legalization – giving your documents the legal enforcement to be valid abroad. Depending on the destination country, the procedures may vary, so we work with highly professional lawyers who understand such nuances and advise us on such matters.

Advantages of working with Agenda Translations:

  • Online translation services helps you save both time and money.

Online cooperation helps you reach out to the best, high-quality translators, worldwide.
Our online translation services allow us to satisfy our clients’ needs, no matter the country or language or cost – Whether our clients want translations from English, German, Spanish or even Hebrew, Japanese or Mongolian, our professional translators will deliver  the clients, high quality work.

Geography is absolutely no bar for our translation agency. Whether you are in a major Ukrainian city such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa etc. or even if you are any other country worldwide,  you can avail our online translation services.
Thanks to the online format of our translation agency, you can avail high-quality written or spoken translations at a great price. Our price-list is extremely competitive.

The quality of our online translation services is trusted by customers in Ukraine and worldwide. We collaborate with clients from the US, Europe, the UK and Canada and offer translation services worldwide

  • Expertise

For each order, we select , professional translators in the particular industry/specialisation. Specialists with legal expertise work on legal texts, those with a dental education work on dental texts and so on.

  • Individual Approach and Cooperation

The main rule that Agenda Translation Services Agency operates on is that every wish of the client (be it style, glossary, corrections or miscellaneous considerations) is taken into consideration and that constant interaction is maintained with the client.

A team of specialists constantly works on the project – a manager, a translator from an online translation agency, and a native speaker editor;

For each order, we offer exactly the set of measures that will allow you to solve your specific problem as accurately as possible in the required time frame;

we are fully committed to maintaining deadlines, a high-quality of work and, if necessary, we are open to signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with clients;

And, needless to say, if necessary, our experts localize materials with regard to SEO requirements, adapt images, sound videos, make presentations, or add written and graphic materials to the site.

And to get a  preliminary price quote for translation services, all you need to do is fill in an online form.


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