Translation & nativization for the MeetDocs 2020


About the project

“Kharkiv Meetdocs” Eastern Ukrainian Film Festival is an annual event. This year’s festival was the fourth annual event of its kind, and used a blend of online and participatory methods. The festival focuses on the culture and lifestyles of Eastern Ukraine, showcasing productions by local and international film-makers.


During 2020, Agenda Translations worked with the German media organization Media Frontline e.V, the festival organizers, providing language services to ensure a fully international presentation. The wide-ranging brief included specialist legal translation, translation of web-content and written materials, and translation of 5 films' dialogue in several languages.


As a specialist language-service provider, Agenda Translations used a team of personnel in delivering our services. First, we discussed and agreed the project content and schedule with the client, and agreed a brief. Work was then allocated to our selected team of two translators, two editors and a proofreader. This let us ensure accurate translation and nativization by native speakers of Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.

Translation of the film festival’s 2020 website from Ukrainian into English, including the nativization of the content
Translation and nativization of the festival’s event catalogue, involving translations between the Ukrainian and English language pair / 4600 words
Specialist legal translation of the necessary non-exclusive broadcasting rights agreement / 700 words
Literary translation and nativization of 4 films from English into Ukrainian: “For Somebody Else” / 7200 words “Finding Sally” / 8786 words “Once the Dust Settles” / 1990 words “Waterproof” /6950 words
Literary translation of the film “Garage People” /5434 words from Russian into Ukrainian


Evgeniya Kriegsheim
The Head of The Festival

Film industry terminology is quite specific. For a long time we looked for specialists in Kharkiv who not only translate directly from English, but also delve into the subject matter, read and watch the materials and proofread with the help of native speakers. Thanks to the niche agency Agenda Translations, this year our festival became available not only in Ukraine, but also to the international public. Translations at all levels of complexity - from the License Agreement to fiction texts of dialogues in films - are only the tip of the iceberg to this team.
Punctuality, professional ethics, incredible pleasure in communication - this is what you will find when you request services from them.
For the next festival, we will work only with Agenda Translations for our linguistic needs.

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