6 aspects, which many people forget about

Suppose you are in another city and do not have any opportunity to visit the agency’s office. What should you consider when choosing an online translation agency?

  1. Verification by a Native Speaker

You can hire a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages with diploma magna cum laude. Nevertheless, what is the point if a foreign partner from the first paragraph of the commercial offer understands that your startup is not from Berlin, but from one of CIS countries? Your German will be Russian so much. Of course, not every native speaker is suitable for such a task. To do this, reputable translation agencies have their own natives of proven worth with special expertise.

  1. Editor’s Work

Yes, the services of an editor must be added to the estimate. Otherwise, how to get a quality translation? The specifics of the industry matter. English translation of the instructions for the thermostat and the menu of a fine dining restaurant: there is a world of difference between them. In the first case, the translator must have technical expertise, in the second – culinary. There is no sense to speak about the legal examination, when one word in the text of a contract can help win a suit. Only an editor can help to prepare a high-quality technical translation into any language – from French to Hindi.

  1. Conclusion of an Agreement

Terms, scope of work, number of reviews and the most important – responsibility of the parties. A translation agency has an undeniable advantage over a freelancer: if the translator falls ill / does not get in touch / burns his laptop, the agency gets another verified translator involved. If you ordered services from freelancers, then, unfortunately, the whole process of search-briefing-prepayment-waiting would start again. There is no guarantee that this time the result will be better.

  1. Service

In this case details matter: the accuracy of the briefing, the speed of answering the call, whether a manager was assigned fro you, politeness when calling, whether you were warned regarding proper format of your document for translation, when and what result of translation you will receive. You as a customer must be fully acquainted with all the details.

  1. Actuality of customers’ feedback on the website and agency’s activity duration at the market

Before ordering and sending a document for translation, do not be lazy to follow the links, look for followers on Facebook or through a search engine. See if there is a translation agency on Google Maps, when they made a last post on social media pages, if there is a photo of the real office. 5 minutes of online search will save you from scammers.

  1. Clause highlighting the split of an order between several translators

In the case of solid volume orders and short deadlines, the division is the best option. This guarantees a high-quality translation on time. For example, if it is a book or a franchise package. Note that in such cases, the services of a professional editor are strictly mandatory. Despite the stylistic guide, translators are also people, and everyone has own style.

Following our tips, you will be able to reduce the risks when choosing an online translation agency and get the result you expect.